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About us

Located at 6161 Dudley Road, Oenaville Baptist Church has been serving the Lord since 1871.  Originally known as " Little Church on Big Elm", the church relocated to its present location in 1890.  Through the years, the community of Oenaville went through many changes, evolving from a thriving farm community with multiple businesses, stores and churches, to a small hamlet. Throughout all the changes, Oenaville Baptist Church remained a cornerstone of the community, and the doors remained open. 


At Oenaville Baptist, we welcome worshippers of all ages, whether your family has new-borns, toddlers, school-age children, or if you are empty-nesters.  Our Lead Pastor, Brother Roy Carpenter, has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ at Oenaville since 2010.  

our pastors:
Roy Carpenter
Kevin King

Pastor/Sunday School Leader

Kathy Mahan

Music Director


Rhonda King

I started coming to this church in 2012 when I moved to Troy. The people are loving, and the preacher preaches from the Word of God. We would love for you to come and experience the Holy Spirit.


Kevin King

I started going to Oenaville Baptist Church in 2007. The thing I love about this little church is how everybody makes a point to welcome you when you come in the door. You can really feel the love of Christ. I have been coming ever since; they're truly a loving church family.

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